Every Child is Worthy Ministries


Our Mission

The mission of ECW is Children and Adults restored. By providing financial solutions, resources and trainings, we empower the local church, NGO’s, and institutions working with families that have children with disabilities to transform their lives, their futures and their communities.


We envision self-sustaining, indigenous support for orphans and children with disabilities through outreach, restoration, and the message of Jesus Christ.

What We Offer

ECW offers not only exceptional services free of charge for children, their families and members of the community at large, but also supports the professionals who work with them.

Our Philosophy

• Build the capacity of the local church, families and institutions who are the frontline in supporting the disability community.

• Focus on the power of collaboration, bringing education, training and services to resource-scarce countries.

• Partner with others in our global village to foster a sense of community.

Mission trips

• Outreach
• Restoration

What is ECW?

Every Child is Worthy is a cross-disability national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to promoting health and wellness initiatives for children and adults with disabilities. ECW is dedicated to making a lasting impact upon the disability community with the Message of Jesus Christ.