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2018 Camp review – Olga

The piece blow written by Olga, ECW paid in country representative

It’s time to take stock of the past camp. Thanks to your support, 10 children with disabilities spent a whole week at sea in a youth Christian camp. It was a wonderful time of rest, communication, swimming in the sea, fun, delicious food, sports, games, dances, songs, jokes. This year we went with two special people. Yaroslav first time in his life was at sea. What an unusual feeling to see delight in the eyes and hear the delighted cry of the boy who first plunged into the sea. Yaroslav was very surprised that the sea is salty. He really liked to swim. Yaroslav quickly mastered swimming with the help of an inflatable circle. Nadia to the sea was in her early childhood at six. Now she is 21 years old. She has a severe form of cerebral palsy. For Nadi, many, the most common movements for healthy people, are obtained with great difficulty. In the sea, Nadia could not go by her own feet. She was helped by our volunteers.

But it was much easier to move in the water. She even did special exercises for the hands and feet. And she was able to independently take a few steps in the water. She sat for hours on the beach and admired the beauty of the sea and nature around. Each of these children has a sad story of which they would like to forget. We tried to surround the children with attention and care. That at least during this week they feel necessary and loved. The guys took part in sports competitions and creative competitions with great pleasure. It’s great that children with disabilities had the opportunity to participate equally in all activities of the camp. The theme of the camp was emotions. Every evening we discussed our feelings. We talked about fear, love, anger, depression, joy. We discussed the possibility to control our emotions. This topic is close to everyone. The week flew by very quickly. It will always remain in the hearts of children with disabilities. We enjoyed our time together.

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