ECW 2018 Zambia Trip – Vickie

ECW’s trip to Zambia July 29 – Aug. 8, 2018 was clearly from God.  While the family retreat was a huge success, God showed us a heartbreaking reality for families with disabilities.  

So many live in unimaginable poverty, with no electricity or running water, and so many don’t have enough food to eat. Families that have a loved one with a disability are shunned and do not go out into their communities. They are not even welcomed in many churches.  Elizabeth, who lives in one of these communities, has a 26-year-old daughter with Downs Syndrome. Elizabeth wants to have a “day center” where families can come and learn, leave their child to have some free time, share stories about personal struggles and more.  Elizabeth’s pastor has opened his heart and church to have such a center 5 afternoons a week.  

But there was a problem: the church was not handicap accessible by any means.  We had a chance encounter in our hotel with a Christian contractor from India.  He let us know that he loved what we were doing, and he volunteered his services to build a ramp at Elizabeth’s church.  Within a week of our return from Zambia the work had already begun!

The Lord has opened up many doors for ECW.  We have begun the process to register ECW in Zambia.  We are developing a training to teach local volunteers how to run a day center, so that we can have Elizabeth’s dream come true.  That dream is the awareness to the outside that the disabled are capable of living a productive life.  By showing the love of Jesus and teaching about Him, they can be used as witnesses.  Jesus did not say that only people who look or act perfect can be used, but all who choose to follow Him.  

We are making progress!  What we could use from YOU:

PRAYER.  Prayer moves mountains (and brings about chance encounters with contractors that can build ramps) and the more we pray, the more God hears us. Please pray boldly.

FINANCES.  God moves mountains but it takes finical resources to make things happen. Please give generously.

GO!  We are currently praying for someone who would like to go to Zambia and help with the training.

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