Olga in the Ukraine

ECW Story – Meet Olga

 Olga, our paid in country representative, wrote the piece below

For 21 years I worked in a hospital as a nurse in the intensive care unit.  I graduated from the University with a degree in Human Physiology. I met Vickie and George at the Alpha and Omega summer camp in Ukraine. At first we just talked. A year later, Vickie and George came to Ukraine to spend their summer camp in an orphanage in the village of Apostolovo. And on the last day of their stay in Ukraine, God brought Vickie and George to a festive program at an orphanage for children with disabilities, which Alpha and Omega regularly conducts. The following year, Vickie came to Ukraine specifically to spend time with children with disabilities in an orphanage. And a year later, George conducted a series of lectures for volunteers and students. Due to the fact that ECW began to support our work, we were able to organize drawing classes for children in the orphanage for the second year, help in teaching school subjects, conduct activities in the orphanage and with graduates who live in a nursing home. We organize trips for children and graduates to the cinema, theater, McDonalds, to the sea, to the Christian camp, to the church, to the student center Alpha and Omega. Our main goal is to change the lives of these children for the better. But without God it is impossible. Therefore, only in God can these children be truly happy.

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