Mike Blackson


After serving several years in Children’s Ministry at church I started volunteering with the Special Needs Ministry.  It was a reluctant move for me.  It seemed each time one of the special needs kids came into the classroom they wanted to be close to me, I would be friendly with them, but would find ways to try to move away.  My wife, Vickie, finally convinced me that maybe there was a reason they came to me and that I should consider changing where I was serving.

I did and now I often tell people: “Never assume these kids can’t do something.”  They have answered Bible questions that some adults could not answer.  They memorize Bible verses quicker than I can.  I’ve heard them play songs on a keyboard by ear without missing a note.  I’ve seen them drive a golf ball 200 yards.  They participate in martial arts, hockey, swimming, and can tell you who their favorite sports team is playing each week.  They dance and sing, and can let you know what they like, and what they need, when they can’t say a word.

It's the reason I serve.