This is Denis he is 10 years old. The energy in this boy is enough for 100 Duracell batteries. His diagnosis is of infantile cerebral palsy. He is an orphan without parents.

Last year he had an operation and now he can walk with his legs. This gives him great happiness and a great victory for him and the employees of the orphanage. It’s a miracle to see the first steps of a young man who has never walked before. In his eyes you can drown. Like any boy of his age, he is always somewhat busy; he never sits in one place. One of his special hobbies is drawing. At the drawing class in the orphanage, he began to walk not so long ago, but it turns out very well for him. He does not always manage to sit still easily, but he tries very hard. As he is still small, he does not realize that his life will continue in a nursing home. Therefore, we still have time to instill in him hope and faith in our strengths. It will be very difficult for a little boy to do this without additional help and support. Every person in life needs a friend. Such a friend for Denis can be you.