This extraordinary girl is called Iya. This girl is 14 years old. She has a diagnosis of spinal hernia. This girl has a lot of talents. She has a very beautiful voice and she sings well.

She draws beautifully. She’s easygoing and childishly cute. In all the works that she draws, one can see a loving and tender heart. She is very fond of yelling like a little monkey. This is another talent for her. Forever she can cheer up even when it is very bad. I first saw the dance of people on wheelchairs performed by this wonderful girl. I watched with a sinking heart behind every movement and could not hold back tears. In Ukraine, the situation with accessibility and inclusiveness is very difficult. Therefore, people with disabilities are forced to spend their entire remaining life in a nursing home. But there are many different people who want to change this state of things. We will not be able to change the situation completely in our country. By helping us we can change the fate of a particular child, our dream is to have faith in the heart of every abandoned child. Faith and hope.