This is Slavik and he is 16 years old. Throughout his conscious life he has realized he is an orphan, until this year. This year he found his parents but he continues to stay in the orphanage.

His parents live in the Donetsk region (about two hours away) where the war is now. They came to visit him in the orphanage. They were on a visit for several hours and left. Slavik stayed again alone. It hurts but the habit is a great thing. Children in orphanages get used to the feeling of loneliness. But very cool when there are friends and Slavik is a very friendly guy. He is a cheerful, smart and very beautiful drawer. After this year when the Americans were visiting, Slavik decided to learn English. He is in love with one girl in the orphanage, but I will not tell you which one, because it’s a secret. Slavik already dreams about his home about a family and about children. Being in a wheelchair does not prevent Slavik from being a gentleman. He loves to make handmade gifts. Such gifts are especially pleasant for him. He loves giving joy to other people. This is a very precious quality of character. Before graduation from the orphanage, he has a few more years. During this time it is important to help him decide on the future profession. Without help we cannot cope with this. We very much need support for the organization of ECW for individual classes for this child.