With the ongoing war in Ukraine, “What We Do” has changed significantly, but is still the same in some ways.  We still care for orphans with disabilities.  We still visit orphans in the orphanage and nursing home in Dnipro.  We used to focus on teaching life skills to prepare them for a life on their own, take them on outings and to church.  We would co-ordinate bible studies and sometimes the orphans would lead a study themselves.

At the start of the war, we were able to evacuate many, many orphans and refugees to Romania and Poland.  At times we didn’t know who we were going to meet or even how to get there because we could not take main roads or use GPS.  Trips that used to take a few hours took two or three days.

Families with a disabled child and others have heard about what we are doing and came to us for help.  Where we work became a refugee center and place of hope.  We have modified the bathroom, kitchen, and a laundry room since the start of the war.  Some have come for a day or two before moving on.  Others have stayed much longer and help with new refugees.  We still hold church services, fun activities, celebrate holidays and much, much more.  

We make regular trips to take needed supplies to local homes and to the front line to people who are unable to leave their homes.

The van/bus we purchased in 2017 is still going.  We only give credit to the Lord that it is still running.  We are currently looking for a new van/bus.  The problem is the military has need of any extra vehicles, so it is going to take some time.